Hi. I'm Ralph.

A Software Engineering Student

As a Full-Stack developer with a keen interest in innovative development, my passion is bringing ideas to life.

Based out of Montreal, Canada, I am currently pursuing my studies as a 4th year Software Engineering student at Concordia University.

I am adept at writing code in Java, Python, JavaScript , and C , employing HTML, CSS, Node.js , and both SQL & NoSQL (MongoDB) for all database needs.

I aim to deepen my understanding in various areas of technology and product development.

Recent Employment

- Software Developer -

at The National Research Council of Canada (NRC).

• Python development of drone traffic management system (RTM) following Agile Scrum methodology.

• Implemented back-end services server-side for clients to use in a distributed system environment.

• Optimized the performance of RTM for real-time applications and live data streams.

- Software Dev. Intern -

Al-Majd is a Dubai-based software consulting startup.

• Python & JavaScript development following Agile Scrum methodology, XP pair programming with senior software developer with 15+ years of experience.

• Worked on server/client communications between video systems and far-based servers following the HTTP protocol, utilizing Express.js & testing RESTful APIs using Postman.

• Tested software for bugs and algorithmic efficiency, fixing bugs and documenting processes.

- IT Consultant -

At CGI, my team was contracted by Suncor .

• Solved 1000+ software issues of any of 16 000+ employees over 8 months period.

• Utilized ServiceNow ticketing system to document 2500+ computer issues and assign them to resolution.

• Assisted with the training process of onboarding employees.

My Projects

#1 AcqSys

A Software Procurement System created as an alternative to CGI's current setup; overcoming its issues of latency and bureaucratical complexity.

(Full Stack) HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js, MongoDB

Procurement System

#2 Arcade

Single-page website containing classic PC games such as Pong and Snake. Game UIs & functionality are dynamically generated respectively to ES6 standards, all in OOP fashion.

(Full-Stack) HTML, CSS, JS

PC Arcade Games

#3 Python Socket Programming

A set of Python Server/Client classes connected through TCP/IP stream; exploring file I/O, sockets, threading & data structures.

(Back-End) Python

Python server/client

#4 Moshified Clone

A moshified.com clone, a project website meant to illustrate DOM understanding & conventional web development standards, such as Object Oriented CSS.

(Front-End) HTML, CSS, JS

Moshify Clone

#5 Academic Repository

A library of 10+ Academic projects. As to avoid academic plagiarism, feel free to email me to gain access to the code.

(Back-End) Java, Python, C, and more 😄